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The Education Department actively prepares and advocates for our students to meet the needs of the 21st century and beyond, while providing appropriate Educational supports that preserve and enhance our culture and traditions.


The Education Department is committed to meeting the Educational needs of our Indigenous learners enrolled in Elementary, Secondary and Post-Secondary Schools. 


The Education Department is also honoured to offer the Mature Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition Program (MPLAR). It is provided through a partnership with the District School Board Ontario North East (DSBONE). Many Indigenous mature students have been afforded the opportunity to obtain their Grade 12 OSSD degree through this program.


In addition, we also proudly provide a successful and supportive Early Years Program. The Early Years Program offers support to our youngest learners, ensuring they are prepared to start their Educational journey in a positive way. This includes Curriculum and Program Planning, Social-Emotional Regulation, Sensory Stimulation, Outdoor Education, and so much more. 


Our Director of Education is also very actively involved in various Boards and Committees networking to address any issues that involve our students so that we may continue to provide programs and initiatives that will best meet the needs of all our learners.


“I was able to connect with my students in many creative ways also supporting them personally, mentally not just educationally through the pandemic”, stated Education Director, Neil Iserhoff. 

The Education Department actively prepares and advocates for our students to meet the needs of the 21st century and beyond, while providing appropriate Educational supports that preserve and enhance our culture and traditions. 


The Education Department offers the following supports and programs:

  • Elementary Schools

  • Secondary Schools

  • School Boards

  • Post-Secondary Institutions

  • Incentive Programs

  • MPLAR Program

  • Adult Learning

  • Online Learning

  • Early Years Program

  • Cree Language App Program

  • Headstart Program - Launching

From Education Director, Neil Iserhoff


"I have the rewarding opportunity to work with the schools advocating for our Indigenous learners in all regards, including Special Education Learners and promoting parental involvement as a supportive liaison.


In March of 2021, my supportive role needed to be continued virtually. I continued to work closely with both District School Boards promoting student engagement and attendance, which is essential for overall student achievement and success. 


I continue virtual representation on the Indigenous People’s Advisory Board for District School Board Ontario North East (DSBONE). Prior to the pandemic, I attended various other educational conferences, workshops and committee meetings maintaining strong positive partnerships. I anxiously wait for them to resume."



The past academic year, we had a total of 23 students living in our community attending Elementary and Secondary schools in Cochrane. One student graduated from Elementary School and three students graduated from Ecole Secondaire Cochrane High School.  All graduates were honoured at their school virtual graduations receiving a bursary to acknowledge this milestone in their educational careers.  We had to do it differently but managed to find a safe way to acknowledge their great accomplishments.


In terms of our post-secondary students, we sponsored a total of 35 students, and I am pleased to report that 13 students completed their studies graduating from their respective programs also receiving an incentive for obtaining their degree and/or certificate. With the pandemic, some chose to return home to continue their studies virtually. 



We face the same challenge in this upcoming year with some students starting and continuing their post- secondary studies virtually. This year, we are sponsoring 39 students. The students who were approved consisted of 24 continuing students, 2 students who successfully completed their program and are now pursuing studies in a related field, 7 mature students and 6 new students who recently graduated at the Secondary level. I am confident that they will all be successful with their educational endeavors this upcoming academic year. I will continue to support them during these trying and unprecedented times.


Education Department

The Education Department is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am- 4:30 pm. However, we are also only an email away and will respond in a timely fashion. 

Education Department

Taykwa Tagamou Nation

Apitisawin Employment and Training

207 6th Street

Cochrane, Ontario

P0L 1C0

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