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To advocate for and advance the interests of Taykwa Tagamou Nation members through sustainable economic development projects that will create generational wealth, opportunities and improve the quality of life within the First Nation.


Taykwa Tagamou Nation’s Economic Development Department works alongside Chief and Council to facilitate and implement partnerships with external businesses, while also assisting Band Member entrepreneurs with their businesses, for the economic benefit of the community as a whole.




Taykwa Tagamou Nation member small business support 

Energy Liaison


Bussière Quality Smoked Meats



In November 2021, TTN purchased Bussière Quality Smoked Meats; a business serving Northern Ontario

for over 35 years. This is the first business that TTN solely owns and was purchased in order to diversify

TTN’s economic investment portfolio away from solely investing in the natural resource sector.



There are currently 17 full-time employees. The butcher shop and store are projected to create $7M in

revenue this year, with $2M invested back into TTN.


Canada Nickel Company



In 2020, TTN arranged access to capital so that it can own and develop the electrical transmission assets that will be necessary to supply the Canada Nickel Company owned Crawford Nickel-Cobalt Sulphide Discovery with cost-effective and reliable power. Subject to entering definitive agreements, Canada

Nickel would rent these assets from TTN at a fair market rate over the life of the mine or 20 years (whichever comes first) and TTN would be granted an option to acquire a direct minority interest in Canada Nickel at fair commercial terms. Additionally, TTN signed an MOU with Canada Nickel Company

which provides favourable financing terms to participate in the financing of all or a portion of the electric-powered heavy mining equipment fleet required for Crawford’s operation.



According to last year’s Preliminary Economic Assessment, the Crawford Nickel Sulphide Project (located in Timmins, Ontario) is estimated to provide the following outputs: 

  • $1.2 billion after-tax NPV 8%  and 16% after-tax IRR 

  • First quartile net C1 cash cost of $1.09/lb and net AISC of $1.94/lb of nickel

  • Production of 1.9 billion pounds of nickel over 25 years

  • Annual EBITDA of $439 million and annual free cash flow of $274 million


Island Falls Forestry



Island Falls Forestry is owned by TTN and has been operating since 1998. It is currently under a 20 year harvesting agreement with GreenFirst Forest Products, which is reviewed every five years.



Island Falls Forestry currently generates approximately 400,000 – 700,000M3 of lumber annually. This creates approximately $11M in annual revenues with 10% of these revenues coming to the community. Each year, approximately 300 jobs in Northern Ontario are additionally created to build almost 250km of

winter roads. 5-10 TTN members are employed by Island Falls Forestry year-round.


Peter Sutherland Sr. Generating Station (Ontario Power Generation)



In March 2017, OPG and partner Coral Rapids Power, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TTN, completed the

Peter Sutherland Sr. Generating Station, a source of two new units of clean, reliable, electricity activity. Located at New Post Creek, about 75 km north of Smooth Rock Falls, the station lies within the traditional territory of TTN who remain equity partners in the station. This project was intended to be a

pilot with OPG, however based on its success, about a dozen Indigenous partnerships have now been established following similar parameters.



The station has two units that generate 28MW of renewable, low-cost electricity – enough to power about 28,000 homes. It has generated a $300M investment in Northern Ontario with 33% of revenues coming into the community (approx. $1M annually). 49 TTN members are employed in this project.


Other notable community investments include:

  • Community-wide solar microgrids installed, complete with Solar Electricity Safety Training

  • FibreOptic deployment for the community

  • TTN Named Finalist for 2022 Nova Business Excellence Awards


Economic Development Department

Taykwa Tagamou Nation entrepreneurs members seeking assistance 


Please contact Candice Tourville, Business Development Officer

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