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To efficiently and effectively provide administrative support to Taykwa Tagamou Nation’s staff, community, and partners to strive towards our First Nation’s vision.


The Administration Department oversees all functions as they relate to the employees and community of Taykwa Tagamou Nation in the services of Health, Social, Education, Housing, Community & Operations, Lands & Resources, and Finance.  On a strategic level, the Administration Department ensures that Taykwa Tagamou Nation has the right systems and processes in place to achieve its goals and the implementation of its strategic plan, policies, and best practices of the First Nation.


Indian Registration Administration / Membership Clerk does work related to the administration of Indigenous Services Canada and maintaining the Indian Register list. The Membership Clerk assists Band Members in applying for Indian Status and issues certificates of Indian status.

Water Treatment and Wastewater Management provide services for the protection and monitoring of the quality of the drinking water and wastewater systems.  Operators are trained and certified to operate and maintain the Water Treatment Plant by sampling and testing drinking water, as well as planning and developing facilities that provide the basic infrastructure needs of the growing community.

The Governance Coordinator oversees the review and development of codes, policies, and procedures for the governance of Taykwa Tagamou Nation.  The Governance Coordinator is responsible for working with all departments to review and update all policies that enable an effective and accountable system of government.  The Governance Coordinator ensures that the membership is informed of the development of governance tools and policies, and encourages participation for the use within the community.

The Elders Cultural Coordinator provides the coordination of activities to revitalize the First Nation’s culture and language through land based healing activities and recreational opportunities.  The coordinator will mentor and liaise with the youth, Elders, and Taykwa Tagamou Nation programs and services.  The coordinator connects youth, families and elders with the traditions, languages, ceremonies, and family networking while instilling a sense of belonging to strengthen the community’s


Administration Department

Taykwa Tagamou Nation has increased programs and services to include Band Representative (2019) Early Years (2019), and Aboriginal Head Start (2022).  As the community has grown it has added in both 2021 and 2022 new housing, more employees have been hired to ensure that there is operational efficiently, such as new processes in community infrastructures and water treatment.

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